Vendor Selection Services

Vendor Selection Services

Pick The Right Software Solution For Your Practice

Picking a software solution, including Practice Management Software (PMS) and/or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a critical step in going paperless. Why not have a specialist in your office to make sure your staff asks the right questions, gets the features they’re being promised and most of all, are committing to the ‘right software’? That’s where EMR Consultants can help.

Doctors have failed miserably while attempting to implement an EMR system that was suggested to them by a ‘Healthcare Software Specialist’; the problem was, they were really just a salesperson that pushes software. How can you take direction that way? Read More

Our Vendor Selection Service involves us acting on your behalf to negotiate with software companies and also listen to your physician’s needs above all. Once we understand what features and requirements are most important to your physicians, we will shop around and make a recommendation on our top three choices, and of course, we’ll explain everything you’ll want to know about why we chose them and what they offer.

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