Private Practices & Physician Groups

Private Practices & Physician Groups

Private Practices

Private practices are being challenged more than ever. Insurance payors are making it more difficult to be reimbursed as they should be and the government is constantly introducing new programs to reinforce the pay for performance initiatives that we’ve all seen over the past few years.

Physician Groups

IPA’s (independent physician associations) are ideal for private practice physicians who want to join an association of their peers of other independent physicians, or other organization that contracts with independent physicians, and provides services to managed care organizations on a negotiated per capita rate, flat retainer fee, or negotiated fee for service basis.

Bottom Line:

Your electronic software solution is the lifeblood of your practice. Protect your practice, your quality of life and your bottom line by having EMR Consultants™ in your corner, fighting for you, which in short is solely focused on your best interests.

– EMR Consultants™

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