EMR Data Conversion

EMR Data Conversion

Data Extraction & Conversion Services

EMR Consultants was founded by Practice Management (PMS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) experts to be a source of information for healthcare professionals and software companies. We are fueled by a perfect mix of industry experience, inspiration and ambition. Our leaders believe in the digital healthcare revolution and need for data interoperability that so many technology companies are offering nationwide. Founded on the principles of strong ethical values and trustworthy information, we are a non-biased source of knowledge and experience for physicians, investors, and software vendors.

The Replacement Market

EMR systems have come a very long way over the past decade. While many early adopters may have had certain criteria that they were interested in when choosing an EMR initially, that criteria may have changed as the industry has evolved with ‘Meaningful Use’ requirements and industry consolidation.

With the change of these variables, some EMR companies may have chosen not to comply with ‘Meaningful Use’ while others may have been acquired by larger name systems and ultimately ‘sunset’ or phased out over time. While we help those affected practices with choosing a replacement system via our ‘Vendor Selection Services’, practices tend to forget that these systems aren’t easily compatible with one another. As such, it is crucial to have a solid strategy to handle the extraction of the clinical patient data from the old EMR and conversion of that data to the new EMR so that the data appears in the respective locations within the new EMR system.

Our data extraction and conversion services include:

Needs Analysis & In-Depth Background

Clearly understanding the levels of expectations from both sides

Our EMR data engineers are proficient with virtually every single EMR on the market

A 'Worry-Free' Approach To Acquiring Your Data

Collaborative effort with your new EMR vendor to plan the data loading

If you're not satisfied with our conversion, we'll do it again to please you!

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