Business Development

Business Development

The Wrong Way

Doctors have failed miserably while attempting to implement an EMR system that was suggested to them by a ‘Healthcare Software Specialist’; the problem was, really just a sales man that pushes software. How can you take direction that way? We hear this unfortunate tale every single day. The problem with taking directional advice from a sales rep is that they lack the experience and exposure to know ‘what could go wrong’. No matter how you put it, their ultimate goal is merely to sell software. Period. How could you honestly expect someone selling software to properly guide you in the right direction? With all respect to the software sales reps, they have no business representing your practice’s best interests. They represent the interests of their software solution, which may or may not be right for your needs.

The Right Way

EMR Consultants are solely interested in assisting our clients with evaluating and determining their best approach with going electronic, without compromising your wants or needs. It is for this reason that we do not sell or solicit software. We don’t get kickbacks. We don’t get referral fees. We advise you and your team to succeed. And trust us; we know what it takes. What we do is simple, proven, and effective. We evaluate your needs, paying attention to what EMR you may have used and why you weren’t successful with it. We listen to your needs and are 100% adaptive to your process. Once we’ve fully understood your needs and profile as a physician, then we’ll pick the top 4-5 software solutions together with you that we’d recommend seeing. We don’t stop there. We’re right there with you throughout the demonstrations provided by each of the software candidates, vigorously asking questions on your behalf and making sure that nothing is overlooked. After we narrow down the best EMR / EHR / PMS package for your practice, we’ll go to work on negotiating with the vendor on your behalf. In fact, in many cases, our fees are recovered in the amount of money we save you in our proposal negotiations! We stick with you throughout the entire process to ensure that your implementation is successful and that you and your staff gets everything you’ll need!

Bottom Line:

Your electronic software solution is the lifeblood of your practice. Protect your practice, your quality of life and your bottom line by having EMR Consultants™ in your corner, fighting for you, which in short is solely focused on your best interests.

– EMR Consultants™

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