Mark Anderson
CEO The AC Group

Work with Michael in the ambulatory EHR marketplace helping physicians understand the need for better technologies designed to improve care and reduce costs.

Robert Gabriel
CEO & Founder Microwize Technology, Inc.

“Mike is a unique person to work with, he is always thinking 5 steps ahead of everyone. Mike is very technical but never made a client intimated with technical terminology. Most important Mike is honest and deals with clients with his heart. Mike has a great passion to technology like I never seen before.”

Donald Schoen
CEO & Owner MediNotes EMR

“Michael is an energetic, technology and detail oriented person. He will not only do what he sets out to do but will assist others at the same time. I would definitely have Michael on any team I was trying to put together in the technology area. A five star person.”

Danny Glix
Owner DG Designs

“Michael was the amazing leader of our 50+ person sales team. His job was to manage two teams of lead generators and an exec-level sales floor for a publicly traded company. Michael was eventually promoted, because of his remarkable results and winning attitude, not to mention exceptional team-building skills. Michael strengthened processes within our organization that still show his influence almost 7 years later. The man is a honest businessman, a hard worker, and has a winning energy. I would heartily recommend him to my most esteemed colleagues and fellow professionals.”