What We Offer
We offer a range of Healthcare IT consulting services designed to help your organization succeed.
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Vendor Selection
Over 86% of physicians who’ve implemented an EMR system in the past 10+ years have failed.
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Interested in seeing what we can do for you? Call or email us to start the conversation.
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Why Choose Us?

We are an invaluable resource for many small to mid-sized healthcare focused technology companies. Our strong network of EMR executives are fundamental in helping our clients compete in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

We identify areas for improvement where your competitors may have an upper hand & and customize our approach to fit your organization’s unique position and to cater to your particular interests, ultimately exceeding your goals and expectations.

We offer completely unbiased consulting services to EMR companies, physicians, small & medium…
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EMR Consultants, LLC was founded by passionate industry veterans who have been in the industry for over…
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Our Vendor Selection Service involves us acting on your behalf to negotiate with software companies…
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We help both newly developed and vertically adoptive EMR / EHR & PMS software companies adapt to this…
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